Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chapter 9 Gatsby

" After two years" 163
- Find it interesting that Nick, remembers all of this so vividly. Shows the impact it had on his life. Curious on why he waited two years to start telling his story. Making a connection to the movie, it seemed Nick needed to talk to someone about Gatsby and what's not. Did his death impact Nick that much? The way he wrote it, he doesn't really explain how he felt.
" I was responsible" 164
- Found this interesting. Why does he feel responsible for telling the story about Gatsby? ( I mean, I think that's what he is saying. He knew him on a personal level, like explained, so it makes sense that people would come to him for questions )
" She and tom had gone away early that afternoon" 164
- Where'd they go? Ever coming back?
" Let me know about the funeral" 166
- Never thought about this. Gatsby did not associate with a lot of people, especially family. We know none of his family up to this point, so will show up to his funeral? Will he even have one?
" Connection was broken." 167
- Interesting call. Not sure who it was
"Henry C. Gatz arrived from a town" 167
- Assuming Gatsby's father or relative. ( Gatz ) Can also assume that this was the man who called, as this happened directly after
" It was Gatsby's father" 167
- Why did Gatsby ditch his family?
"Jimmy" 168
- Why does his father keep calling him Jimmy? Just a nickname? We heard that his name before was James, not Jimmy. They are similar so I might be overthinking. Haha
"James J. Hill" 168
- His father said he could have been great like this guy and helped build the country. I googled him, and it seemed he helped expand and influence the railroad system. Not too sure how that relates to Gatsby. The only similarity I can find is they both found a way to get money.
"They were hard to find" 169
- Again showing how little people associated with Gatsby. Why is Nick including this detail?
" Of course I'll do my very best to get away" 169
- Sounds like he is main excuses. Why does he not want to show up?
"After that, I felt a certain shame for Gatsby" 169
- Interesting line. I can see why he says this.
" The Swastika Holding Company" 170
- Use of Holocaust and Swastika in this book. That's really odd! Haha
- I googled the use of Swastika during this time. I did not realize that it was commonly used even years before Hitler arrived, so I guess this isn't as weird. Still odd considering how these symbols and words would change in the next 20 years after this book.
" When I was a young man it was different--- if a friend of mine died, no matter how I stuck with them to the end. You may think that's sentimental, but I mean it---to the bitter end" 171
- Interesting! What has changed to make him think different, or act differently? Why does everyone seem to avoid going to his funeral? Just find it messed up.
" Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead" 172
- Interesting line. Not to sure what he means by this? Is he saying, that putting someone to rest is wrong? We should not focus on their death, but more so the life they lived?
" He come out to see me two years ago and bought me the house I live in now" 172
- Guess that's cool of Gatsby! Not like he did nothing for them. Still curious why he did not see his parent more often though. Did his dream get in the way of that?
"Hopalong Cassidy" 173
- He says it was a book in his childhood. I did a little research about the book, and I found that it was a cowboy, who acted as a hero. Again not sure how this relates to Gatsby. Maybe the hero role? Gatsby was a war veteran and always seemed to try to the best for those he cared about, especially Daisy.
"Nobody came" 174
- :(
" Was the man with owl-eyed glasses" 174
- Almost forgot about him. What's the significance that he decided to show up?
' I tried to thin about Gatsby then for a moment, but he was already too far away, and I could only remember, without resentment, that Daisy hadn't sent a message or a flower" 174
- Hmm! I like this line. Can tie this quote into the idea that Daisy might be "dead" in a way as well. Gatsby had died, and his dream had died as well. His dream was Daisy, and since then, Daisy has not been seen. The fact that she has not shown her presence at all, makes me think that she "died" as well when Gatsby passed.
"Blessed are the dead that the rain falls on. Amen to that" 175
- Slight, but I think it ties into the religious views the book has hidden.
" Rain " 175
- Why did it start raining here? The weather has had an impact on some parts of the novel. What does the rain symbolize here?
"Railroad" 175
- Related to that one dude. ( James J Hill )
"We're all Westerners, and perhaps we possessed some deficiency in common which made us subtly unadaptable to Eastern life. " 176
- Alright, so he tells us a little about his past. Just realized that we knew really nothing about Nick! We have been so focused on Gatsby that we never took the time to look at the narrator. As for the quote, is Nick implying, that they weren't suited for this lifestyle and chased false dreams? They all looked for the high life, which I assume the east offered, that they forgot where they came from in a way?
" East was haunted for me like that......Decided to come back home" 176
- Interesting line!
" Angry, and half in love with her"  177
- Nick has been the only one to really express a love interest, so fount this interesting!
" Yes. You now what I think of you." 178
- So Nick is not involving himself with Tom anymore! That's good!
" I told him the truth" 178
- Is Nick going to tell him the actual truth or let it be?
" New world ..... Unknown world " 180
- Relates to the quote involving Gatsby death we went over in class
 " He could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know that it was already behind him" 180
Nice line! See it as Gatsby was too foolish to see that his dream seemed close but was long gone.
Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us." 180
- The green light represents a dream. I feel this relates to the idea that even if we accomplish one dream, we will have another that we won't be able to get to.
" So we beat on, boats against the current, brone back ceaslessly into the past."  180
- Relates to Gatsby job with the boat in a way, and then the idea of the past I found really interesting. Nick doesn't believe that he can repeat the past, but the memories will always be with him.

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  1. Wow, Ethan--so many wonderful little details here, and you took the time to reflect on each one thoroughly. Many excellent connections here.