Thursday, April 6, 2017

Chapter 7 Gatsby

Is Mr. Gatsby sick? 113
- Wondering this as well. Whats up with him?
They're all brothers and sisters. 114
- Found that odd. Also, suspicious that they all associated with Mr. Wolfsheim
"Hot,hot,hot" 115
- What does heat mean here?
" Kissing him on the mouth" 116
- You have to assume Tom knows something is happening between the two. What will he do? Does Daisy look at this as payback, considering he cheats on her?
" I dont think he ever really believed in its existence before" 117
- Woah. Did not expect this? Why now is the kid becoming revealed? It seems that Gatsby and Daisy are getting closer so this could be the thing that separates them. Will it though? Considering, Gatsby has done so much to get her, would a kid make him stop?
" Seems the sun is getting hotter every year " 118
- More talk about heat. Why so?
About Gatsby" 122
- What has he found out?
Imagine marrying someone in this heat" 127
- Found this line interesting for two reasons. One, the reference back to heat, and two, marriage. Marriage in this book seems to have no real meaning. Considering, Tom cheats on Daisy, Daisy cheats on Tom with Gatsby, and Meryl cheats on her husband with Gatsby.
"Shes never loved you. She loves me." 130
- How is Tom going to respond? How does Daisy feel about him saying this? Is this a false statement? Was there ever a time when Daisy loved him?
I never loved him" 132
- Well that answers that
" Drug stores" 133
- Well that's what he's been doing I assume. How is the group gonna respond to this? Will they care?
" So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight."  136
- Found this line interesting. What does it mean? Has the tone of heat with death, but then the opposite tone with the word cooling.
" The death car" 137
- Well, the line above foreshadows this in a way. Is it just foreshadowing her death or is there more to come? Who killed her? Also, how will this death affect Tom?                                                              
"Rhe mouth was wide open and ripped at the corners" 137
- Why did he make it so descriptive? In a way, it sounds like she was trying to say something before her death since her mouth is open. I can somewhat connect this to other characters. I feel a lot of characters are wanting to say stuff, but can not, so it relates in a way.                          
" Oh, my Ga-od!"139
- Poor dude. Feel bad for him.
" Yes, but of course ill say I was" 143
- Dude is so in love with her that he will take the blame. Hope he doesn't.
" So I waled away and left him standing there in the moonlight---watching over nothing" 145
Interesting line. Whats it fully mean? Are his chances of being with her gone?

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