Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Great Gatsby: Chapter 2

The Dialectical Journal: Chapter 2
" This is the valley of ashes" ( 23 )
- What is the valley of ashes? I am predicting it is not that great of a place. Ashes leave's a dark vibe with me.
"The eyes of Doctor T.J....." 23 
- Kind of creepy. Haha, do they have any relation to the eyes on the cover? I doubt considering, the ones on the front appear to be a female. Maybe, eyes will have a deeper meaning in the book, as they have come up twice. Maybe ideas involving actually seeing have a big involvement in the book.
"Though I was curious to see her, I had no desire to meet her" 24
- Haha, just found this odd. She a people watcher? Why does she not have the interest to meet her. Also, just a slight detail that likely has no significance that relates to the seeing idea from the line above, but she says "see her".
Just an observation, but Fitzgerald includes a lot of description when describing things or people. 
'That dog will cost you ten dollars" 28
-  Just an interesting comparison to today's times, as prices are much higher nowadays.
" The of Versailles" 29
- Why so much description on an impartment? Assuming the impartment is important considering how much he has described it.
"I have been drunk just twice in life, and the second time was that afternoon" 29
- Haha curious to see why that was his last time. Something bad happens that causes him to stay away?
"Simon Called Peter" 29
The second the book has been referenced. Wonder why Fitzgerald chose this book. I looked it up, it seems to be about religion. I am curious to see if this has a bigger role.
" Most of these fellas will cheat you every time.All they think about is money" 31
- Money has been an idea we have talked about in class. It seems most of the characters are doing well financially so I am curious to see how this comes back if it does. Seems like for shadowing
"I'm scared of him. I'd hate to have him get anything on me." 32
- Why is she scared of Gatsby? We haven't met Gatsby yet, so I have no idea what he's like. Kind of odd that we haven't met him yet, considering the title is named after him.
" Daisy was not a Catholic, and I was a little shocked at the elaborateness of the lie." 33
- I am curious why they lied as well. I also connected this Catholic idea back to the book, "Simon Called Peter as the title is a reference back to the first pope of the catholic church.
"Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand" 37
What made him do this? Why does he get so angry?

Other question, the chapter don't have titles. If there was a title for this chapter, what would it be? 

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