Monday, March 20, 2017

Gatsby: Chapter 4

The Dialectical Journal: Chapter 4
"All these people came to Gatsby's house in the summer." 63
- Impressed Nick remembered all these people. Haha, but this further shows how much of an observer Nick is. I am curious to see read more about the parties, and learn about Gatsby more
"Good morning, old sport. " 64
- Why is Gatsby so intent on meeting Nick, out of all people? He has so many parties, that he sees people from all walks of land. What makes Nick special?
" Admiration at his car" 64
"Carmel coloured Suit" 64
- Where did he get all this money? Like he is loaded!
" Little sinister" 65
- Is Gatsby telling the truth? If so, answers my question above. My question then, who were his parents? Like, being able to afford a place like that, and everything he has, they had to be known, or super successful.
" Sad thing that happened to me" 67
- What happened? I am curious
"Even Gatsby could happen" 69
- What does this mean?
" Thats the kind of man you'd like to take home and introduce to your mother and sister." 72
- Again, he seems to perfect. Haha, I am back and forth with him. I am curious to see what the sad that that happened is. Might change or settle what I think about him.
"He's a smart man" 73
- Alright, he associates with shady people. What shady thing is Gatsby doing?
"Daisy Fay.... Most popular of all the girls" 74
- Reminded me of the author's wife.
" His name was Jay Gatsby" 75
" She began to cry" 76
- Clearly, she did not want to marry Tom? Why did she end up marrying him? She could have anyone, considering she was so popular. why did she choose him?

So is Gatsby talking to Nick, just to get to Daisy?

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