Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gatsby: Chapter 3

The Dialectical Journal: Chapter 3
"There was music......guests diving from the tower..." 39
- Assuming this is Gatsby's house. Why does he host so many parties like this? Who even is he, still hasn't appeared. Haha
" I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. People were not invited, they went there." 41
- I am curious how Gatsby feels about this? Assuming he sends out the invitations, it seems he would be annoyed by random people showing up. Also, a few sentences later, it says they go without meeting him at all. Does he avoid the guest that he did not invite?
" As soon as I arrived I made an Attempt.....denied so vehemently and knowledge of his movement" 42
- Thought this was interesting. Why did they say that? Have they ever seen him or are they lying/protecting him?
" He doesn't want any trouble with anybody" 43
- Why is that surprising. Haha who wants trouble?
"Killed someone....German spy" 44
- Interesting. Wonder why he has all these thoughts about him, but from my understanding, no one really knows about him. Do they label him like this, because they are jealous of his success? Calling someone a murderer is a big statement unless its in war. That can be a pass. But, I feel that people are jealous of his success and are trying to bring him down to their level. Kinda ties in with the American Dream concept.
"Im Gatsby" 48
- Finally meet him, after 48 pages. Haha, but this is interesting. He was in the military, so they were right about that. He seemed surprised that Nick did not know him, or recognize him. Thought that was odd
"Miss Baker?....Mr gatsby would like to speak to you alone"
- Interesting. Why so? Prediction, but in the movie trailer, there was a chick that Gatsby was about. Think this may be her. Assuming the book and movie are similar. Haha
" It was....simply amazing" 52
- This Gatsby dude freaking me out a little. He seems a little too perfect, judging from her and his first impressions. He has to be lying to them in some sense, and have some baggage. Curious to see how this goes.
" I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known. " 59
This is how chapter 3 ends. I found it really interesting. Is he being truthful? Who else is dishonest?

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  1. You're asking important questions and identifying significant quotations. More importantly, you're even starting to uncover some patterns. Well done!