Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chapter 5: Gatsby

Dialectical Journal: Chapter 5
" I saw that it was Gatsby's House" 81
- Do people get annoyed by these parties if they don't go?
" But there wasn't a sound" 81
- Alright, may not be a party, but my question above still applies to when there is a party.
" I want to get the grass cut" 82
- seems like he does not want to meet her, or at least his avoiding the meeting. Assume he's nervous
" I carry a little business on the side, a sort of side line, you understand" 82
- Think this is the shady thing I have been expecting. Haha, I knew something was up! What is thus side business? I am sure it's not legal.
" Well, this would interest you " 83
- Is Nick gonna join his side company?
- A lot of talk about wealth in this book. Does Nick become wealthy by this side company?
------- ( Above) He did not join, at least not yet
" Gatsby, in white flannel suit....." 84
- More description of his outfit, showcasing his wealth.
" Old sport" Everywhere 
- Haha why does he refer to people as old sport?\
" I can't wait all day." 85
- Why is he so anxious? Does he want to meet Daisy?
" Five years next November." 87
- That exact. He really liked her
" There was the change in Gatsby that was simply confounding." 89
- What happened while Nick went outside? Interesting how comfortable things got so fast.
" It took me just three years to earn the money that bought it." 90
- Alright, what he's saying is not adding up.
" Do you mean you've been thinking over what I purposed the other night" 90
- Why does he want him to join it so bad?
" I've never seen such beautiful shirts before" 92
- I don't see how this would make her cry. Just odd
" Name sounded faintly familiar" 93
- Did Nick know him?
" Small town" 93
- Interesting phone call! Assuming this can be part of his side business?
"Then I went out of the room and down the marble steps into the rain, leaving them there together." 96
- So is Gatsby and Daisy going to have a relationship?
- Is Tom going to find out?  If Tom finds out, will he be mad or glad? He has a history of cheating?

A lot of emphasis on light in this book. Why? What does light represent in the book? 

Seems to be a big thing regarding the relationship's in this book as well. 

Money as well. Nick is constantly describing Gatsby's wealth. Just find it interesting. 

Level 2 statement:
Eyes have been stated a lot, when talking about Gatsby. (" His eyes glanced" 86, "Glaring tragically into my eyes" 86, Picture cover )
- What do eyes represent in this book? They clearly have a big meaning, considering the focus on eyes, from passages and the cover photo. 

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