Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metacongitive Ch: 9

Shul: Chapter 9

Why do they have three different schools? 
I am not to sure, but I find it interesting that they had three different schools, specifically a Jewish school. I would of thought that they would have a Catholic or Christian school before a Jewish school. 
Why did they get so descriptive with what the father did to the cows?
I thought it was a little much. But reading a little further, I figure that it showed why she stayed away from meat.
I was also wondering, did him doing this, change her relationship with her father?
I feel it might. Doing things like this, may make someone look at you differently, due to how messed up it some may view it. 

"He put the fear of god in me"
What exactly does she mean by this?

Why was she not allowed to play with someone who was gentile?  What does Gentile mean? 
Found out Gentile means not Jewish. Find it odd that she wasn't allowed to hang out with someone not Jewish. 

The title is just a reference to how they called school in Yiddish. The chapter focused on her experience with school when she was growing up. 

Why is it important for them to be Kosher? 
Just thought it was interesting how she was discriminated against for just being Jewish. Shows that people were indiscriminate for anything out of the ordinary back then. 

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