Thursday, February 9, 2017

Metacognitive Ch: 6

Chapter 6: The New Testament:

This chapter, was from the view of James, and focused on his moms religious beliefs. Its goes hand in hand with the previous chapter.

This chapter was pretty clear on what was happening, besides a few parts. I was confused why the mom was so religious. I was also confused at why there was caps and what the priest was saying on page 47.

Other than that, not much happened this chapter besides the reference to the title I really enjoyed. Her response to the questions about what color god is, was great. I gained a lot of respect for the mom her there. She is teaching her kids to not judge based off of color, and don't let color hold you back regardless of what anyone says. Just thought that was a good message to convey, at that time.

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  1. The metacognitive format is working well for you! You're using the text to make Level 1, 2 and 3 statements, and you're coming up with some very important ideas. Great work! My challenge to you: As you near the middle and the end of the book, try to uncover some patterns. What ideas are showing up across multiple chapters, and what are we supposed to make of them?