Friday, February 10, 2017

Harlem Renaissance Video Project

( Partner is Brad Garcia )
What is this video?
- This video is a project in English Class.
What do you want people do know before they watch it?
- This is a poem we made, in the perspective of a white man, who disagreed with how blacks were treated. Its a response to Langston Hughes, I too poem.
What do you want people to focus on as they watch it?
- The poem
What do you hope people will gain from the video?
- Maybe a different perspective, or maybe, that not all white people were racist during this time


  1. I actually really enjoyed your video because it is uncommon to see both perspectives of a race so the fact that you highlighted that was unique.

    Michael Sullivan

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  3. I like the message of coming together regardless of race. One line I particularly like in your response poem is "we eat together / and sing America).