Friday, February 24, 2017

Chapter 23: Metacognitive

Chapter 23 Dennis:
"Don't disrespect me" 
- Came out of no where. Curious to see what this means? How did she disrespect her, and if she did, did it warrant getting punched? 
----  Reading further, Ruth claimed she did not know her, and I believe her. I am feeling that the black woman felt she was disrespecting her by being with a black guy. At that time, racial tension was high, so I can see why they may think that. But, this incident clearly does not warrant getting punched.
" That white woman don't belong here"
- Yea, I was right
"Even though we weren't married, we still considered ourselves husband and wife"
- Interesting! Curious to see if they do get married, and why they aren't already.
"Some black folks never did accept me"
- Sure its wrong, but I guess you cant blame them. Was a different time then.
"Ill still be your mother when you come back. And you'll still be my son"
- Nice line!
"Nowadays these mixed couples get on TV every other day complaining..."
- I see why she used mixed, to relate it to her and Dennis, but I feel you can compare this to any celebrity nowadays. Everyone has there own demons, but when these celebrities, say there life is horrible due to stupid things, you can see they haven't gone through real bad times, considering they are rich and can have basically anything they want. Haha
" Jungle fever"
-  I have heard this term before, and know what it means.  I always felt it was racist. Maybe it was just my mind, but it does not seem appropriate.
"That's what most people want us to do. That's what they expect."
- I can see what he means by this. You know they aren't serious about this though. They do love each other, and I don't see race and other peoples opinion stopping em from staying together.
" I want to accept Jesus Christ into my life"
- I am assuming this is where she gets her love for church from.
" I told him I was leaving if we didn't get married"
- I feel bad for Dennis after reading the previous line. Hes in a pickle. I feel they should get married, but keep it a secret, considering what could happen to him.
" The first time I went south with him was the last time, when I took his body down there to bury him."
- Noo. :(
- The way she set that up, just makes it sadder. I wonder how he dies?
" We lived in that one room for nine years, and those nine years were the happiest years of my life."
- I feel his death is about to happen. Life seems to good and we know the moms current state. We know something happens, considering the previous page and my line above.
" He was hoarse in bed about three weeks"
- Assuming this is the start of his death. What is he sick with?
" He had cancer" 
- :(
" Dont cry, Ma. Daddy;s up in heaven"
- Cool to see a little girl saying this. The mom says she cried after that, but I feel she got a reassurance from that, that everything is going to be okay.

Title: This chapter is clearly just about Dennis, and how much he shaped the moms life.

Other question?
Does the mom see similarities in Dennis and James? 

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