Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chapter 2-5 Metacognitive

Focusing on Chapter 2: Bicycle

This chapter is from the perspective of James I would assume. It starts off referencing the title, the bicycle. I am curious, why it is so important to the mom. After reading, further I figured out that, her husband brought her the bike. He recently died, so I am getting the idea that, the bike brings back memories of him, and is her way of coping with his death. After this, I wondered how James was effected. I later learn that it caused him to do bad things like dropping out of high school and just being a rebel.  Another question, I have is who is his real father? The rest of the chapter has been pretty straight forward, I was confused and a little sad for him near the end, when his mom left him at the bus stop by himself. I was wondering why she left him. Wasn't answered, but I am sure that's how she gets them to grow up.

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