Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chapter 18 Metacognitive

Chapter 18: Lost in Delaware
"We're moving to Delaware. Pack up the House."
- Are they really moving to Delaware? Why so suddenly is she deciding this?
" I need to see some new faces, a fresh start."
- Good to see how he recognizes this. I feel moving will do him good.
"If you feel that way, we'll stay"
- Are they gonna stay now? How will James feel about this? Does the mom want to leave?
-------- James and his brother clearly do not like this. I am still thinking they are gonna move, considering the title of the chapter, and the quote, " There was a buyer. Contracts had been signed. " I feel the mom is too far in to change her mind about this.
-------- I feel the mom does want to leave. New York has been good to her, but recently, it has been tough on her. I feel she needs a restart somewhere. Kinda of like James, just for different reasons.
" Days passed. Finally she announced: We're staying"
Guess I was wrong...... Maybe not. Haha, next line, " The very next day she barked: "We're moving!"
- Why is she so indecisive about moving?

" When we rented a U-Haul truck "
Okay so the finally did move. Finally.  How is the move going to benefit them? Will it?

" The segregated schools came as a complete surprise to Mommy " 
- This didn't even cross my mind. How is this going to affect her kids? It says that most of the black schools, were understaffed and underfunded. Does she want that for her kids? Is she going to try and get them into the better school?

" Don't say guilty"
- Is he gonna say that? Will he win if he doesn't ? Will he serve jail time?
----- Personally, I feel he should say is guilty. He did do something illegal, although, I feel he does not deserve jail time. It was just a traffic incident. Not like he did something too bad.

" We're really moving back to New York now"
- I don't believe it. Feel its just her speaking in the heat of the moment.

" The school turned me down"
- I feel this is good. I don't think that school was a good fit, judging how the one teacher acted.

" I have up weed and drinking for the discipline of music"
- Good for him!  I am curious to see if he follows through with music.

" My trip was paid for by a well-to-do couple "
- Thats pretty cool! I feel with all these good things, the move has been good so far. Think its been the best for James at least. Feel he is finally finding himself.

" The school accepted me"

Title: I felt this title was James version of the previous chapter. His moms new life started in New York. His new life started in Delaware.

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