Friday, February 17, 2017

Chapter 16: Metacognitive

Chapter 16: Driving

"We're going driving" 
" Mommy had never driven before as far is I've known"
- Interesting.  Why is she going to drive with her kids if she never has drove before? Sounds dangerous, haha.
Also, let alone her dead husbands car? I guess in previous chapters, we have seen that she rides her bike by the car everyday, We also have sen that she is struggling with coping and whatnot.
" She was afraid to drive....Could tell what subway train went anywhere"
- Why does she all of a sudden have the urge to drive? 
Maybe be getting in the car, its going to release all this emotion she has had....??
"Deep inside I knew that my old friend Chicken Man back in Louisville was right" 
- Just thought coming back to this was cool. I feel that this shows that Chicken Man had a positive impact on James. Hes talking the advice he gave him, and actually using it.
"Deep inside, I knew I was hooked"
- Interesting line. I feel a lot of people can relate to this in there own ways. May not be marijuana like James, but anything.
"While she weebled and wobbled, and leaned, she did not fall"
Thought it was interesting how throughout everything, she never fell or in other words gave up with life. She never had the greatest, or easiest life, but she got through it for her kids. I feel, her strength is what gave James the strength to get his life back on track.
" Irene passed away" 
- Just keeps getting worse for her :(
"Church revived her"
- I feel this is true for a lot of people.
- Is this an excited woo, or a sad woo? I cant really tell. I mean, with all of this happening in her life, it seems kinda odd that a car ride, would bring her this much excitement.
"Thats it, I quit" 
- I feel this means more than not just driving. I feel she just feels bad, that what she almost did, could have seriously enjured someone. I dont if you can blame her, but it feels that there was a lot going on in her, so she needed someway of letting loose, and it got the best of her. I hope this doesn't make her more upset.
" Momma knew how to drive" 
- Woah. Whyd she do this then?
"Rachel, could drive....Ruth never"
- So she literally let go of her previous "Life." Person of her word I guess. Cool thing tho.

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