Thursday, February 16, 2017

Chapter 14: Metacognitive

Chapter 14: Chicken Man

"She gave away Daddy's clothes, his tools, his hats..."
Why did she give away all of they have his stuff? I am thinking it brought back memories, but I am not sure. That would just seem odd. Clearly she couldn't handle it there, as she just whimpered around the house.

"Riding her bike and taking piano lessons, sitting at the piano every evening" 
Reference to the second chapter. 

"My Grades plummeted almost immediately."
I can see why. It was a tough time in his life. 

How is he gonna rebound from this?

Whats gonna get him out of this path?

Was all of this bad behavior due to his dads death? Was his moms way of coping effecting him? 
I would say yes and yes. Clearly his dads death affected him largely, but I think the moms way of coping, left her kids in the dark. They had to figure out how to deal with it on there own. And James found doing this and being a "rebel" was his way of coping. 

" You ..... scum. I should shoot you right now "
This just shows how crazy racism was back then. 

"My friend became my family, and my family and mother just became people I lived with" 
Dang...... Not to sure how to respond to this. 
My question is, does he really mean this? Kinda of a crazy thing to say, I doubt he really meant this. I can see where he is coming for. And it relates to my response on my question about how his moms way of coping effecting him. 

" Reefer and wine helped me to forget any pain" 
Sad, that this is where he was at in his life.

Is the chicken man gonna be a good guy? Sure he gets drunk and stuff, but from how hes described him, he seems like a genuine nice guy. 
- " For get it"
- " It don't do nothing but fool you around"
- -------- Sucks he didnt follow his advice. Ended up getting him killed. 

" My problems seemed far, far away. "
Good but also a bad thing. Its good hes getting time away, but you have to face em, not run. 

Chicken Man title: 
I felt this chapter was the chapter to show us the road that he went down, and how the Chicken Man, shaped his life and got him back on track. Sure the Chicken man wasn't the greatest part of his life, but it showed him to get out of this path, cause this is what it could lead too. 

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