Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ch: 24 Metacognitive

Chapter 24: New Brown
" One of the largest and most neglected housing projects in New York City, had stood strong"
- Cool line! Found interesting that a church has met so much to them.
- A question I have regarding this, is, Why has religion played such a big role in this book?
" This is Mommy's home church. This is the church where I got married. This is the church my father Andrew McBride built. 
- Like how he listed things that make this church special to him.
" It was his time to go and he knew it"
- Just a sad line. Clearly he did not want to die, but his faith allowed him to accept that it was his time.
" A stranger in the very church that she had started in her living room. "
- Just another line of the many to show you how times change/ Feel bad for the mom, but respect her for going back, even when she swore she wouldn't considering that the church had a special place in her heart.
" The land mines.. Vietnam war"
- Interesting comparison!
" If my son grows up to be like Bob, ll be a happy man"
- Shows the respect, and how good of a guy he is. Even after losing his son.

" Times change "
- More thoughts of the idea of times changing. Not only times, but I have noticed that the people in this book have changed as well. I think you can add, Change, to the big central ideas of this book.

This chapter, was more of a time to remember what shaped him, and how he has gotten to where he is. It centers around the Church, and how the church has not just effected him, but his whole family.

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  1. I like how you used the line about how Ruth was a stranger in the church she founded to make a point about how times change. Where else in the book do we see characters impacted by changing times?