Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 Minute preview: The Color of Water + The Metacognitive over Chapter 1

Level 1: This book seems to be about the life of a black man and his white mom. 

Level 2: Some of the conflicts in this book might include are the struggles the narrator faced, and the struggles his mom faced raising a black kid during this time. 

Level 3: Here's the central question I think this book will try to answer: 
Does a color effect what we can do and who we are?

Chapter 1 : Dead: Metacognitive
The first chapter titled, Dead, by the book, The Color of Water was an interesting start. Given what the chapter was about, the title, Dead, fit well. The narrator, presumably the mother, says a lot of interesting things that left me with questions. The chapter starts off with the quote, "I'm Dead". What did the narrator mean by this? Reading for a little, while, I infer that she is talking about her relationship with her family, and how she is dead to them. We find out, how her and her family were not on great terms, and that is also shown when she married "your father". I was confused when she said your father at first, and then I realized that this is likely a note, or letter to the mothers child, presumably James. Another sign that she did have a great relationship with her parents came when I saw the quote, " She had to die in order for me, the rest of me, to live". This quote is talking about her name her parents gave her. She ended up changing her name, which in by doing so, killed her old self, allowing her to live. I feel this quote meant that the old life, was not good, and in a unlitteral way, she wasn't living, by changing her name, she got rid of that past, and is allowing her to live a better life, or in her quote, allowing, "the rest of me, to live".  My thoughts, took a turn though, at the end of the chapter. She starts describing her parents, and only listed good things. The quote, " He was hard as a rock " is what she used to describe her father. Then the quote, " Shes one person in this world I didn't do right by..." described her mother. These quotes, show good things about them, so I am wondering if my thoughts above are correct. Maybe she respects her parents, but doesn't agree with there beliefs?

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  1. I like your comment that changing her name and metaphorically killing her old self was what allowed her to live. You said that the narrator gave a positive description of her father, including the line "he was hard as a rock." I saw that line as the first hint as to why the narrator is dead to her family. It suggests that the father is uncaring and strict.