Thursday, December 8, 2016

Self-Reliance quotes

1. "Trust Thyself"
Brief but I agree with this. I feel a lot of people question things they do. I feel people need to put more faith into there thoughts. Better to come up with original thoughts than follow the popular even if yours isn't necessarily right.
2. " Speak the rude truth in all ways"
I agree with this. It's better to be honest than straight up lie.  

3. " Nothing can bring you peace but yourself." 
  • I agreed with this line. Personally, I have never had to come into piece with something, at least with first thought. But I feel people that struggle with stuff, I feel they often look to others to help deal with there problems, and then in some cases blame them when something doesn't go right. I feel this quote can make some realize that getting help or acceptance from others wont fully bring peace in situations, that all up to the individual. 

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